Meet the dj:s

Omar Saab will dj on Saturday night.

Omar Saab.

Omar’s love and passion for Tango music shows in his choice of songs for each tanda. His style is rooted in the traditional Golden Age of tango, but he is open to playing almost anything that fits the mood. As a DJ he always tries to play beautiful and danceable music that is well balanced in rhythm and melody and very much in tune with the current atmosphere. He has DJ-ed in the U.S., Lebanon, Greece, Norway, Denmark, and several places in Sweden.

Andreas Gierstorfer will dj at the brunchmilonga on Sunday.

Andreas Gierstorfer.

“I love to dance tango myself with all my heart, so as a DJ the best moments are when my music enchants the dancers, so that the entire dance floor moves as one. For over 20 years I take every set as a unique challenge, from small intimate milongas up to Encuentros and Festivals, to make tango lovers fall in love with this music again and again. From the early thirties to the mid fifties I will take you on a muscial voyage, always making sure that the necessary beat and rhythm is accompanied by beautiful melodies.”

Jessica Carleson will dj at Friday evening milonga.

DJ Jessica Carleson
DJ Jessica Carleson

“Every milonga has it’s own challenges and perks. I dj on Friday evening: a travelling day for many, lots of happy reunions of long lost friends. But also many complete strangers who meet for the first time. Excitement, nervousness and anticipation. So, the music must be an ice-breaker and have energy, joy and warmth to keep you on your feet. I’m so looking forward to welcoming you to Stockholm, as organiser and dj!”

Ulla Kastrup will dj at the pre-milonga on Thursday, and on Saturday afternoon.

DJ Ulla Kastrup
DJ Ulla Kastrup

love music that inspires dancing. Music with energy that evokes emotion. The joy of dancing! 

Constantly in search of new discoveries in the world of tango music that fits the mood of the pista. 

Focus is in the 40s, but happy with the excesses of earlier and recent decades. 

I have been playing for various organizers since 2014.

Malin Backström will dj at the farewell milonga on Sunday.

DJ Malin Backström

“I usually play classical tango tandas from different periods, with a focus on danceability, good sound and keeping up the energy. I also like to add some modern and maybe alternative music, especially as waltz and milonga tandas. I like to have a lot of contact with the dancers on the floor when I DJ, and I just can’t sit still…

Henny Stridsberg will serve her music at the first afternoon milonga on Saturday.

DJ Henny Stridsberg

“I love the classical tangomusic and play mostly golden age orchestras, but also modern versions of recognisable songs. I would like to describe my dj-style as full of feelings and rich in contrasts.”