DJ:s and performers

Our fabulous international DJ’amie will shine on Saturday night.

On Friday you will be welcomed by DJ Jessica Carleson

DJ Jessica Carleson
DJ Jessica Carleson

“A successful milonga is like a perfectly balanced meal. Fibers, colourful and crunchy bits, familiar favourites, exciting tastes, spicy surprises, deliciously light and sweet highlights as well as rich and mature dishes. I think Biagi ticks all those boxes, but during my 6,6-hour gig on Friday I will get to serve up a real feast. Hope you enjoy it!

DJ Ulla Kastrup will play at the pre-milonga at Stora Skuggan on Thursday and on Sunday afternoon.

DJ Ulla Kastrup
DJ Ulla Kastrup

“I love music that inspires dancing. Music with energy that evokes emotion. Constantly in search of new discoveries in the world of tango music that fits the mood of the pista.”

On Saturday, early afternoon, DJ Arja Stenholm will make you dance.

DJ Arja Stenholm

“My favourite songs are cheerful, playful and rhythmic – happy music for a sunny Saturday afternoon milonga. Tango is indeed a serious business but I like to keep it simple, easy going and danceable. I hope to see smiling faces and happy hugs!”

DJ Henny Stridsberg will take us from late afternoon to early Saturday evening.

DJ Henny Stridsberg

“I love the classical tangomusic and play mostly golden age orchestras, but also modern versions of recognisable songs. I would like to describe my dj-style as full of feelings and rich in contrasts.”

Last, but not least, DJ Malin Backström will play on Sunday afternoon.

DJ Malin Backström

“I usually play classical tango tandas from different periods, with a focus on danceability, good sound and keeping up the energy. I also like to add some modern and maybe alternative music, especially as waltz and milonga tandas. I like to have a lot of contact with the dancers on the floor when I DJ, and I just can’t sit still… Since I will be DJ-ing the last hours of the marathon, I will probably play some extra sentimental and romantic songs, as well as some more experimental and playful.”

Performing guests

Katrin Urwitz and Jorge Frias are tango teachers living in Buenos Aires. They tour Europe every year, during the pandemic they started teaching online as well. Katrin and Jorge have been dancing together since 2012, “exploring the differences and the similarities in leading and following”.

On Saturday they will give a performance. Here’s a link to them dancing.

Katrin Urwitz is also a popular tango shoe designer and maker. She will sell shoes during Sunday at Konstnärshuset.
If you have questions or requests about models or sizes please contact Katrin on email no later than May 1.