Useful facts about Stockholm

Travel here and in Stockholm

SJ is the state railway, book train tickets at their site.
There are night trains from Berlin and Hamburg to Stockholm run by SJ and private company Snälltåget.

There are two airports in Stockholm – Arlanda and Bromma. Skavsta airport is located quite far from Stockholm but Wizz and Norwegian have cheap flights here.

Public transport in Stockholm is run by SL – they have a ticket app and sell weekend travel cards with good value.

The tube runs around the clock during weekends. All lines stop close to our venue Konstnärshuset on Smålandsgatan 7. The closest stations are Östermalmstorg (red line) , Kungsträdgården (blue line), Hötorget (green line) and The Central Station-T-Centralen (all lines).


Stockholm is expensive. Book early to get better rates. The standard of hostels is very good and there are several to choose from in the centre. Here’s a list of hostels (vandrarhem in Swedish). Other options are of course airbnb, hotels and camping.

The marathon venue is situated in a quite posh area with lots of busy night life. Södermalm, Vasastan and Kungsholmen are quieter, and more affordable areas to stay in.

Cash is not king

Swedes have almost completely abandoned cash. We use Swish, a payment app connected to a Swedish bank account, or debit/credit cards for almost every purchase. Some cafés and stores don’t even accept cash anymore. Be prepared!


Eat, dance, snack, dance, dance, snack, dance, sleep, snack, dance, snooze, dance…

When you need to fuel up for a few tandas more there will be snacks – sweet and salty – at the marathon.
But the only meal we will serve during the weekend is brunch on Sunday morning.

For proper food there is an abundance of choices surrounding the venue. There are fast food-places, fancy restaurants, pubs, Thai food…

One important fact: Swedes dine early – often no later than 7 pm. So restaurants in Sweden tend to close their kitchens early, as a rule at 10 pm. This may come as an unwelcome surprise for Southern Europeans who sometimes have their dinner closer to midnight… There are a few places in the city where you can dine late, and fast food places that serve hamburgers, falafels, hot dogs and much more almost around the clock.