Konstnärshuset (House of Artists) on Smålandsgatan 7 in the very centre of Stockholm is our main venue. This palace was built in 1899 by the Swedish Association of Artists (SKF) and is still owned by them. It serves as a gallery and as a venue for private parties. Konstnärshuset’s history and spirit helped us find a name for our marathon – Alma de Bohemia. It also draws inspiration from the famous tango “Alma de Bohemio” and the fact that we’re a team of women.

Sunday afternoon-milonga, Alma de Bohemia 2022.

Stora Skuggan

On the evening before the marathon we organize a pre-milonga at the most idyllic place in Stockholm – the dance pavillion at Stora Skuggan. Close to the city centre, next to a pond where herons and swans nest, surrounded by green fields where the Swedish King’s sheep are grazing.

The dance pavillion at Stora Skuggan, Djurgården.